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About Guru

Guru was originaly established in 1973 under the name Indian Taj, by the family Ahluwalia, and was to become the very first indian Restaurant in Scandinavia.

Today, the Guru is not only the first indian restaurant, but also the most well-attended and trendy indian restaurant in Copenhagen.

Recipes perfected generation after generation, experience and knowledge about indian food and cuisine – makes this not only a restaurant, but an experience and travel to the colorful and enchanting India combined with the classic and simple Scandinavian style.


At Guru, we practice the beautiful act of greeting one another with a “Namaste”. We believe that when we fold our hands in prayer and welcome each other we show respect, love, friendship and humility. “Namaste” literally means “I bow to you”. When we graciously lower our heads, we negate and reduce our egos, recognizing and honouring that we are all equal beings created by the same God.


Ganesh is the elephant-headed god in Hinduism, and son of Shiva and Parvati. He is the god of wisdom, success, and good luck. Ganesh is a very popular god. In ancient scriptures, Ganesh and his younger brother were asked to compete in a race around the world. The younger brother dutifully set out on his quest, while Ganesh simply walked around his parents, saying that they were his world. Ganesh brings happiness, positivity, wisdom, and abundance into our lives. When Guru by Indian Taj was established in 1973, a Ganesh statue was placed in the middle of the restaurant to wish us and all our guests and friends a happy, rewarding, and prosperous life.